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International Builders & Tattoo Industry Expo

What you will find at the 1st “International Builders & Tattoo Industry Expo” in Amsterdam on 1st & 2nd October 2017?

A dream for every Professional Tattooist!!!

Many Worldwide Coils and Rotary Tattoo Machines Builders.

The Best Worldwide Tattoo Cartridges and Classic Needles Manufacturers.

Huge Worldwide Ink Manufacturers.

Worldwide After Care Products Manufacturers.

Worldwide Best Suppliers.

Worldwide services Companies for Builders, Tattooists, Tattoo Shops, Tattoo Conventions.

Manufacturers of tools for builders.

Live Engraving.

Do PR learn and buy.

Many Free Seminars offered by La Cream de La Cream of our beautiful tattoo industry.

Awesome Professional Seminars by some of the Best Worldwide Artists.

Awards, the public/Visitors (Tattooist, Builders, Suppliers) will be involved in the voting for choosing the Awards winners.

Meeting between Builders, “Builders Copyright and Intellectual Protection Issues & Chain Control“.

VISITORS Raffle with some amazing prices offered by the traders of the Expo!!
*extraction using visitor entry registration number.

Artist & Industry Companies services.

A creative and inspirational place to be for anybody involved in the tattoo industry.

Tattoo Industry Professionals ONLY
Only professionals and companies involved in the tattoo business will be allowed to visit the Expo.

Do Charity, and “SAVE JAPANESE TATTOOING” is a project that gathers support for the Japanese Tattoo community. #safetattooinginjapan From JAPAN http://savetattoo.jp/

Delicious food & beer.

NO bullshit, NO shows, NO distractions for Tattoo Artists (like customers)…….
touch, look, maybe test all machines and talk directly with your favorite Worldwide machine builder or product Manufacturer.

Killer Ink

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